How to Start Practicing Yoga

As with any type of exercise, if you have never done yoga before, you might find it difficult to know from where to start. It isnt always easy figuring out what type of yoga to practice and how much time per week you may want to practice it. If you are at VITALCLASS LANZAROTE, our professional staff will be able to give you all the information that you need. You will also be able to join our yoga sessions, available for all levels. In case you’re not currently staying with us, in this article we give you our best advice, if you want to start practicing yoga.

Body, Mind and Spirit

The first step is to get into the right mindset, as yoga is about much more than simply getting into shape. The aim is to work on finding the ideal balance between your body, mind and spirit, to reach a feeling of general harmony. This is one of the reasons why it is important that you know what yoga is all about before you start, so you can avoid any surprises, and make things easier for yourself from the get-go.

Start From the Beginning

More and more people are getting interested in yoga and new types are constantly coming up. These are often fusions of the foundations of yoga with other disciplines such as Pilates, Zumba and even HIIT. Such high variety can be overwhelming and this is why we recommend you to go for an easy and soft practice at first. Hatha Yoga is one of the most suitable types for beginners, great for all ages, and teaches the foundations; so you can later on pick any type of yoga that you wish.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Initially, doing yoga at home and using only a yoga mat is more than enough. Don’t overcomplicate yourself, you can buy blocks, balls and resistance bands at a later point. You will not even need shoes – barefoot yoga is encouraged, especially if you can practice it outdoors. When it comes to clothing, you won’t need to buy a specific outfit for your workout. Simply wear comfortable clothes which allow you to move freely. Generally speaking, you will do a better job shopping once you know exactly what you need (which you will only learn by actually practicing yoga).

Find Your Perfect Way to Learn

The good thing about practicing yoga right now is that there has never been more information about it. Plus, there are multiple different ways to get all this information. If you would rather not sign up to classes, you can always learn through books and even podcasts. You could also look for free classes on youtube, follow yoga influencers or download apps. Whatever way you choose, what matters is if it works for you.

Listen to Your Body

Half an hour a day, about 3 times per week, is the ideal amount of time to start practicing yoga. You will be able to increase the length and frequency as you go along. What matters the most is that you don’t push yourself too hard when it comes to endurance or flexibility. It is normal to get muscle cramps at first (especially on areas that you’re not used to working) and to be less flexible than your teacher. Try not to compare yourself, and simply, do the movements that make you feel good – you will start seeing progress with time. Give yourself time and if that type of yoga doesnt convince you, keep trying until you find the on that makes you feel good. 

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